Please see that your dog is wearing a collar and is on a leash when you arrive.
                           Dellwood Kennels
1. What vaccinations does my dog need to stay at Dellwood Kennels?
All dogs MUST have the following:  distemper, rabies & bordatella (kennel cough) PLUS we must have a
copy of your dog's current shot records to keep on file here.
WE MUST have PROOF OF FLEA AND TICK PREVENTATIVE.  "Proof" can be several things:  a vet or
Internet invoice showing you purchased the product; the box of product you show us; or you putting the
product on your pet in front of us.  No proof? We will dip your dog and charge $15.00 - NO exceptions !!

2.  Do we bring my own dog bed and toys?    
You can but they may be chewed and/or torn up when you return.  

3. Do we need to provide our own food?
No, we provide food unless you wish to not change your dog's eating habits while he boards with us.  
You can bring a labelled bag or container of your own food, and we will feed it to him/her.

4.  What happens if my dog gets sick while at Dellwood Kennel?
If this is the case we would provide transportation to the dog's own veterinarian whenever possible. If
this is not possible (i.e. out-of-state) we would use a local veterinarian and seek immediate treatment
to insure your dog's well-being.

5. What if my dog is on medication?
If your pet is on medication, clearly label the medication with the proper dosage and frequency, you
instruct us on what to do, and we will do our best to administer the medication appropriately. But it is
the responsibility of the owner to inform the staff.  No blame shall be directed by any one toward
anyone. This is 100% a courtesy not something you are paying for ,so we may refuse to give meds. as it
is a  thing we do out of customer satisfaction only.

6. Do I need to bring my own feeding bowl?
No, Dellwood Kennels uses our stainless steel bowls for your dog.

7.  Can I visit my dog while it is boarding at Dellwood?
PLEASE, DO NOT visit your pet while at DELLWOOD KENNEL.  Please do not ask to enter the boarding
area. WHY NOT? #1 The city will not permit this.  #2 The U.S.D.A. will not permit this. #3 Our insurance
will not permit this.  ALSO, visits from you upset your pet and all the other boarders that see you . This
really causes stress on all the boarders so we ask you PLEASE do not visit. THANK YOU.

8. Why is payment in advance REQUIRED?
Payment IN ADVANCE IS REQUIRED because it makes checkout time to go home quicker and easier for
your pet, and it is our rule.

9. Why are there NO REFUNDS on advance payments?
No refunds BECAME a rule because we have limited space. When you book your stay LONGER than you
need , we have to say NO to someone else that needs the kennel for their pet.  This is unfair to the
other dog owners that need a kennel.  Thus, pay in advance & no refunds.                 

10.   Hours?   We operate on a reservation basis only.  So when our LAST reservation of any given day
has come and gone,  we may (and most times we will) close for the day.

TAKE EXIT #7 OFF Interstate 185 onto Bill Heard Parkway (old Manchester Expressway) head east past
Peachtree Mall, about 3 miles. Take Miller Road exit, turn left under the expressway, then right at the
second  traffic light AFTER YOU GO BACK UNDERNEATH THE EXPRESSWAY. That's Billings Road . Take
a left at  the blinker light, & we are the 1st drive on the right. Go slowly down the gravel road.  There is a
map on the "Contact us" page. Also use your
GPS! 5700 Billings road Columbus Georgia

Please bring your dog in as early (before lunch) as possible so as they get used to the kennel before

Most dogs will bark when first kenneled because they are excited or scared.  Usually, they will settle
down and respond to our commands for quiet.  If a dog continues to bark, we may need to call you or
your emergency contact to pick your pet up.  One barking dog may cause all dogs in the kennel to bark,
plus Columbus has strict no barking regulations.

Kennel cough and any other diseases, infections, injuries,or any other problems
needing veterinary attention are 100% the responsibility of the pet owner .
Dellwood Kennel assumes NO responsibility for veterinary treatment.

                                                          HOW IS KENNEL COUGH TREATED?

Although most cases will go away on their own, we like to think we can hasten recovery with antibiotics
to directly kill the Bordetella organism. Alternatively, Kennel Cough may be treated with cough suppressants to provide
comfort during natural recovery. Alternatively, antibiotics and cough suppressants can be combined.


Vaccination is only available for: Bordetella bronchiseptica, Canine Adena virus Type 2, Canine Para influenza virus,
Canine Distemper, and Canine Influenza.
Infections with other members of the Kennel Cough complex cannot be
. Vaccine against Adena virus Type 2, Para influenza, and Canine Distemper is generally included in the basic
puppy series and subsequent boosters (the HP or "Distemper-paco shot." For Bordello bronchi septics vaccination can
either be given as a separate injection or as a nasal immunization. There is some controversy regarding which method
provides a better immunization or if a combination of both formats is best.